humble amazement

Bugs & bones


I take a lot of photos of disturbing subjects, but I do not mean to horrify.  I would like to unhinge my viewers just a bit, but mostly I hope my pictures convey respect and delight.  I love skulls and vertebrae, spiders and caterpillars–the same way people dig the blues or cherish paintings by Van Gogh. 

I do not photograph animals that have clearly been run over, or bugs that have been squashed.

I do sometimes photograph the remains of animals that were killed by other wildlife, their bones picked clean by the local vultures.  I also have taken photographs of animals I have discovered in their natural setting, partially decomposed.  I do not post all of these images.  They are beautiful in their way, and fascinating, but I struggle to discern how best to present them with a sense of honor, not horror.


Author: jenwesterman

I live and work in Austin, Texas, and I am pursuing an M.S. in Project Management through Boston University's Metropolitan College. My passions are nature photography, environmental stewardship, weight training, running, and ukulele.

2 thoughts on “Bugs & bones

  1. Hi Jen,

    Your blog is so much fun and I love that you created a trademark with your name. My name is Marisol and I’m in the same group BU group with you for commerce. I look forward to working with you the next few weeks!



  2. Hi Jen,

    Fantastic blog! Looking forward to more photos.



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