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Lemons & Risk

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My front yard has two lemon trees.  When I moved into that house in 2010, they were mere shrubs, with no fruits or even blossoms,  In my first year there, they bore nothing.  The second year, it was another story.

All I can think is that they grew, matured, and had a grand debut. 

They produced dozens of lemons, ranging in weight from 1/4 lb to 1 lb!  I gave most away to friends and family.  I invited neighbors to pick.   It was a manageable situation.

The next year, they produced many hundreds. I had a lemon plague.  We could not pick them fast enough.  Half of them must have dropped to the ground and spoiled, molded.


This cycle has repeated, and I have come to realize that I must take a risk management approach to my lemon trees.  The purpose of this page will be to apply RM principles to the development and implementation of a Lemon Program, including operational and project activities.


Author: jenwesterman

I live and work in Austin, Texas, and I am pursuing an M.S. in Project Management through Boston University's Metropolitan College. My passions are nature photography, environmental stewardship, weight training, running, and ukulele.

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