humble amazement


jenSimpleI am a communications professional living in Austin, Texas.

This blog is the happy outcome of an assignment in my eCommerce course. I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in Project Management, online, through Boston University’s Metropolitan College, Administrative Sciences Department.

My blog’s theme, “humble amazement,” refers to a practice of observing in order to achieve balance and connection in the present.  It’s my go-to survival technique in times of stress, which is almost all the time.

Perhaps, dear reader, you understand what I mean?  You may also be working full-time, enduring a hellacious commute, and carrying a heavy course load, while trying to engage meaningfully with loved ones.  If you do, I hope you will enjoy what I have to say here.

If I decide keep the blog alive, I’ll draw on my background from all the various careers I have enjoyed:

  • film-making
  • broadcast systems and A/V integration
  • school health PMO (startup and operations)
  • psychological and education test publishing
  • fund-raising campaigns for health, education, and the arts
  • training event/course development

Currently I work for the State of Texas in environmental remediation.  (Love this job.)  Inspired by this work, I will most definitely retain sharp focus on the precious beauty and inestimable value of our natural world.