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Sailing & Failing

I am not a proficient sailor, but I sail, nevertheless.   I sail with my husband, taking turns as sailor and passenger.

My husband sails no better than I, and so he is fair and patient as I learn.  Our little 16′ Hobie-Cat is likewise forgiving.
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Lemons & Risk

My front yard has two lemon trees.  When I moved into that house in 2010, they were mere shrubs, with no fruits or even blossoms,  In my first year there, they bore nothing.  The second year, it was another story.

All I can think is that they grew, matured, and had a grand debut.  Continue reading


Welcome to my blog.

I am Jen and also Westerfolk.

Westerfolk was my first email handle, and it has endured 23 years.  It started as a twist on my married name, Westerman, and it offered a solution to the perennial irritation of “man” overshadowing “woman.”  Over time, Westerfolk became a reference to the little family of four that my husband and I formed and raised. Continue reading